FAQs, Terms, and Conditions

If you have a question now covered here or want clarification on any of these, don’t hesitate to contact me!

How may performers, venues, and producers use Indy Ghost Light’s photos? And who retains ownership?

Everyone who participates, sponsors, or in any way contributes to a show is granted license to use photos in any way they see fit including but not limited to show promotion, prints, and social media.

By default, photos will bear a modest Indy Ghost Light watermark but this is negotiable from venue to venue and can be removed so as not to muddle the marketing message of any user of said photos.

Ownership for photos remains with Indy Ghost Light but only so as to ensure that they remain a shared community resource not only for producers and venues but also for the artists in perpetuity as they move on to other theatres, produce portfolios, or otherwise advance in their careers as actors.

Users of these photos who would like more legalistic assurance of their rights to do so are welcome to submit a photo release for my signature.

How heavily edited are photos and what is your general process for producing them?

During any production it is likely that hundreds or thousands of photos will be taken. Of those, a handful (20-30) will be closely edited to produce an optimal presentation for purposes of show promotion.

The rest, if deemed at all useful, will be ‘archived’ with minimal editing. Even rough editing of a photo can take 2-5 minutes, so doing this for the thousands of photos created during a shoot would be prohibitive. If desired, any individual archive photo can be edited further for promotional purposes but this is solely done upon request.

Promotional photos are available within 24-48 hours maximum. Archives are produced within 7 days.

What are your rates? Do you have a price sheet?

I’m happy to volunteer my services, so while I could produce a price sheet, it would be silly because everything would say $0. That said, it does cost money to travel to shows and keep the website up so I won’t actively dodge money which is thrown at me but at no point is compensation expected. It is enough to me that you open the door and let me share your work with the world.

Do you do headshots?

I can and do, though I’ll admit that it’s not my passion or even an area of personal interest. I do so as a service to theatres that need them but I will never ask to do headshots. My results are suitable in that they resemble the subject’s face because that’s the way photographic equipment works, but they are not what I could call inspired. You can find examples of these in the archives for Footlite’s Gentlemen’s Guide.

Do you do promotional photos?

Yes! My process is very specific and collaborative. Firstly, I suggest strongly that before we meet to shoot photos that you have a very specific set of visual elements in mind that you want to capture. Let me know any lighting requirements you might have as well and I can provide them.

On the day of the shoot, I will provide the artistic director with an iPad that mirrors the photos on the camera as they’re taken. The director can make adjustments, suggest different shots and make sure that we get exactly what you’re looking for. My job at the photo shoot is to help you realize your artistic vision. Through technology, I can assure that happens as quickly and easily as possible. You can find examples of this in the archives for Footlite’s Putnam County Spelling Bee.

It is the overarching philosophy of Indy Ghost Light to be a service provider to the Indianapolis arts community and do whatever is in our power to make Indy look like a premier arts destination. If you have further questions or requests, please drop me a line.

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