FAQs, Terms, and Conditions

If you have a question not covered here or want clarification on any of these, don’t hesitate to contact me at slavenrm@gmail.com.

What’s your rate? How much do you charge for…?

Indy Ghost Light is a free service to the Central Indiana entertainment community. We don’t have a rate or a charge for anything. All of our services are pay-what-you-want (even if it’s nothing).  We know that as entertainers, all budgets are different so any set prices end up being exclusionary to someone.

That said, the only way we can continue to do this is through the generous voluntary contributions of the acts we shoot.  These contributions lead to better equipment, more services and generally improve the service you’ll get later.  There is a $1 fee for image downloads for anyone outside the production staff.

How does it work? What do you need from me?

Just tell me when to be there and which door will be unlocked.

Optimal conditions are to shoot a dress rehearsal under production lights. If there are any pivotal action moments it would be nice to know about them so I can anticipate them, but this is not absolutely required. There’s no adrenaline rush quite like sprinting through the house, in the dark, jumping over obstacles because you realize that Seymour and Scrivello are about to have their pinnacle moment extreme stage left when you’re perched expectantly at stage right.

What instructions should I give my actors?

They should act exactly and completely as if I’m not there

My intention during any shoot is to be as invisible as possible. While they’re mid-performance, any distraction will be reflected in the actor’s facial micro-expressions and potentially ruin the photo. I will never interrupt the action or get on stage and even go so far as to attempt to avoid the actor’s line of sight as they move around the stage.

If possible, I will be active in the area immediately in front of the stage during performance to capture proper composition and properly frame photos. It is therefore suggested that house lights be down during shooting and that obstructions be removed from the area between the stage and seating.

What do I get and when can I get it?

Highlights will be delivered day of shooting and archives within 7 days.

Day of shooting I’ll cull out and post highlights: photos that I think are provocative or particularly representative of the show. These will be posted on social media in the form of a ‘First Look’ post that just generally hypes the production from a visual perspective. (Generally 20-40 photos)

If you want it, within seven days I can provide archival photos that represent more in-depth nuances of the show: sets, props, venue, detailed scene-by-scene shots from your show. (Generally about 100 photos/hr of show)

Photos will be reasonably optimized for immediate use but cropping is usually minimized since we don’t know what you’ll use the photos for or what your size requirements are and once cropped there’s no way for you to UNcrop them. If you have specific requirements please let us know!

Can I resell or distribute Indy Ghost photos or represent them as my own?

No. A limited number of photos are provided so that you may market and promote your work but photos remain the property of Indy Ghost Light. You may not print, sell, or otherwise distribute Indy Ghost photos without express written consent and payment. This includes prints, photo books, reselling of digital downloads or any other photo products.

Can I get photos without the watermark?

Yes! We use watermarks in public-facing posts but we can provide photos without watermarks upon request. All we ask is that you properly credit Indy Ghost Light when you use them and generally help us spread the word!

OK! How do I get on your calendar?!

Click the Button!

A few notes are in order. Shoots are first come/first served because, sadly, I can’t be everywhere at once. I can travel for shows, but my in-car time tops out at one episode of Car Talk (as measured from zip 46254). Anything over that and motivation starts to wane.

Do you do headshots?

I can and do, though I’ll admit that it’s not my passion or even an area of personal interest. I do so as a service to theatres that need them but I will never ask to do headshots. My results are suitable in that they resemble the subject’s face because that’s the way photographic equipment works, but they are not what I could call inspired. You can find examples of these in the archives.

Do you do promotional photos?

Yes! My process is very specific and collaborative. Firstly, I suggest strongly that before we meet to shoot photos that you have a very specific set of visual elements in mind that you want to capture. Let me know any lighting requirements you might have as well and I can provide them.

On the day of the shoot, I will provide the artistic director with an iPad that mirrors the photos on the camera as they’re taken. The director can make adjustments, suggest different shots and make sure that we get exactly what you’re looking for. My job at the photo shoot is to help you realize your artistic vision. Through technology, I can assure that happens as quickly and easily as possible. You can find examples of this in the archives too.

Do you do Video?

Yes! Take note, however, that I am not an expert in this area. On the 10,000-hour Gladwell scale, I’m somewhere in the triple digits when it comes to video. View a few samples here. If this covers your needs, let’s do it!

How do you afford to do this?

Like most of the theatre community, I have a full-time job doing something which has completely nothing to do with this. What you see is what about 40-hours a week of my free time have managed to bring together.

It is the overarching philosophy of Indy Ghost Light to be a service provider to the Indianapolis arts community. We’re here to help.