One Night Only: Vaudeville Revue of 2022 at The District Theatre

For one night only, Clerical Error Productions brought a bit of history back to The District Theatre as they presented “Vaudeville Revue of 2022”

The District crowd was delighted to see storytelling, burlesque, magic and comedy from the likes of local favorites such as Jason Adams, Jamahl Keyes, Minnie Ryder and Lola Lavacious.  Musical support was provided by James Benn while Matt Anderson, Kate Duffy and Jon Lindley provided narration and comic background.

Of particular historical interest was the performance of James Solomon Benn as Bert Williams. Williams performed in black face and played in Indy at the English Opera House in 1914 touring with the Ziegfeld Follies. He did vaudeville, recording, and was the first Black man to perform on Broadway and in a feature film.

Indy Theatre Photo Calendar for the week of April 3rd, 2022

This week’s shooting schedule promises to be a delight!

American Lives Theatre is nearing completion on their latest, “Cost of Living” at Fonseca Theater so we’ll be looking in on them. It’s ALT so you know it’s going to be deeply thought-provoking!

Over at The Cat they’re almost ready to go with “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.” I’m always delighted to check in on what’s going on in this wonderfully intimate theatre and you can’t go wrong with good ole Charlie Brown.

Storefront Theatre of Indianapolis and Ankh Productions are finalizing all their work for “Love You, Reckless” and I’m SO lucky to be able to see them on their last day of preparation before they open for you on the 8th.

Last but not least, our friends at Footlite Musicals are working hard and tapping their toes to the bone to create Something Rotten for you the first week of May. I’ll be in house for some promo photos.

There’s a lot of marvelous theatre work going on in the city and we’d love to be there to see ALL of it! So if you’re not on our calendar yet, head to to book online, see our previous work or read up on what it is that we DO exactly.

Show Announcement: Buck Creek Players’ “Fly Babies”

April 1 through 10th Buck Creek Players plays host to “Fly Babies” directed by Melissa DeVito.

“Fly Babies” is the story of four female aviators newly inducted into the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs). The story confronts sexism, racism, and old prejudices that are still with us today.

Tickets are available on the Buck Creek Players website.

Show Announcement: Vaudeville Revue of 2022

Coming to The District Theatre next Saturday April 2nd for one night only, Clerical Error Productions presents: Vaudeville Revue of 2022. All these amazing folks who you’ve seen at previous Indy Ghost events will be there for your entertainment pleasure!

The omni-talented Jason Adams!!

The mystifying Jamahal Keyes!!

The far too interesting to describe adequately in a PG-13 blog post Lola LaVacious and Minnie Ryder!!

Your hilarious Clerical Error hosts!!

And last but not least, the master of mellifluousness, royalty of resonance, James Solomon Benn!

All this and more awaits your eyes at The District Theatre! Tickets now available!

First Look: “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” at Mud Creek Players

Tonight I had the honor of taking a look at Mud Creek Player’s latest production, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

I’ve shot in this venue exactly once before and the first thing that struck me tonight is that the lighting and the set are divine photographer’s dreams. With that consistent, creamy lighting and a meticulously detailed set you almost don’t need the actors.

Once the actors do arrive, however, the range of emotions they go through is breathtaking from lust to rage and back and forth 57 times. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves (since it’s almost 1am, after all).

I’ll have much more for the archives of this show soon, but go grab some tickets and see for yourself!

Sunday Spoilers: Of Mice and Men and Love Birds

Photographing a stage production is an unparalleled honor. Not only do you get to, obviously, see the production, but often you get behind-the-scenes access to see the work as it develops. Also, you often come away with some eye-popping spoilers that you would never dream of posting before the production is over. In today’s segment, we’ll talk about a few hidden spoilers from today’s ending productions.

One of the most enthralling visual aspects of MSP’s production of Mice and Men is the profound juxtaposition of the innocent Lennie with his environment and the people around him. His jubilance in the face of impending reality is painful to behold in the show’s culminating moments. He is the very picture of innocence despite being a source of unwitting death to those around him whether they be mouse, pup or Curley’s wife. The first shot from this pair is one that makes the work of shooting a show well worth the investment. Find the full archives for Of Mice and Men on our website.

When I approach an unknown production I always ask two questions: 1. Are there any pivotal moments I should be prepared for? and 2. Are there any spoilers that you don’t want me to give away? In the case of “Love Bird” this final kiss between the protagonists was just such a moment. After a show filled with such visual surprises and emotionality, it was a great final cap to the production. You may now safely peruse the full archives for Love Bird on our website.

Tomorrow we dive back into new productions at Mud Creek and Carmel Community Players. If there are any spoilers, you’ll hear about them here last! If you have any spoilers of your own that you’d like to have kept under wraps, we’d love to photo for your show next!

Last Call: Mice, Men, Birds, Bangs and Childhood Heroes Made From Pillows

As with all seasons, some must go so that new may grow. This weekend sees the closing of four of our covered shows. You have one last chance to see them on Sunday and then they’re gone forever!

Catalyst Repertory closes “The Pillowman” at the IndyFringe Basile this Sunday. One theatregoer summed up the production well with the simple disyllabic: “Jesus!” You can check out more on Catalyst’s upcoming 2022 season on their website!

The Actor’s Theatre of Indiana concludes their run of Big Bang The Musical with one last heroic lurch of farce.

The elegant Phoenix Theatre says one final goodbye to Love Bird by K.T. Peterson. The events fly thick and fast at the Phoenix with Skeleton Crew starting next week. Visit the website to keep up on their very busy calendar.

And last but not least, Main Street Players goes down to the river one last time with Of Mice and Men. Work is already underway for “Flaming Idiots” and auditions are fast approaching for Neil Simon’s “Rumors”. Keep up with the goings on at MSP on their website as well.

With all these endings, we’re excited to see new beginnings next week with the Carmel Community Players, Mud Creek Players and Southbank Theatre Company. Not to mention Footlite Musicals is about ready to set the stage on FIRE with Lippa’s “The Wild Party”. We would LOVE to see what you’re up to next. Our fanaticism is boundless. Let us in the door and we’ll make you look amazing.

Palentines Day for The Wild Party at Footlite Musicals

Tonight rehearsals continued at Footlite Musicals for the scorching-hot production of Lippa’s Wild Party. The evening witnessed a few momentous events.

Our illustrious buildmaster Bruce uttered those words that every cast longs to hear tonight: “The set… is yours!” While visual and decorative elements remain to be worked out, the physical dimensions of the set are complete which means that blocking, dancing, all the physical movements can start to be practiced in show conditions. This is huge for a show with this much going on. Bruce spends hours on a single set and the applause he receives with this announcement is extremely well earned.

Tonight the cast worked on final blocking and details for act I. Once these actors get under production lighting, in costume and without the masks, it’s going to be incredibly difficult for your faithful photographer and documenter to know what to look at. This show is hot and all the photos so far are shot under the least sexy of light sources: fluorescent office lighting. They’re going to need to fireproof the stage for sure.

Last but not least, in honor of Valentines day, the cast and staff of The Wild Party celebrated ‘Palentines Day,’ their version of secret Santa in February. Theatre is a lot of work to be sure but it is also all about community. While laboring tirelessly to bring you amazing theatre, they also work hard to lift each other up and it’s on days like today that this is most evident.

Jimmie “JJ” Walker at Irving Theatre

Tonight, in a rare change from the usual theatre haunts of the city, we had the immense pleasure to see the legendary Jimmy Walker, the actor behind J.J. Evans, dynamic star of the breakthrough 1970s comedy, “Good Times” as he visited the city courtesy of Mad Hatter Shows.

The venue for tonight’s entertainment was the Irving Theatre. This historic gem of the city has been one of my personal favorites for years. It still boasts many unique artifacts of it’s 100-year history in the city and is overlooked by the “Two-Headed Stose” which serves as the building’s perennial mascot.

Opening for Mr. Walker was local comedian Hoss Ridgeway. Ridgeway’s act struck me as an amusing mashup of Michael Winslow and Jim Gaffigan. From my 2 minutes of internet research (and that’s about the level of research you can typically expect this blog) Ridgeway is a minister at Turning Point Church in Franklin, Indiana. If Ridgeway’s act tonight is any measure of the sermons, this church is a lot more fun than whatever church you’re going to.

When Walker took the stage, the audience’s appreciation was evident. At 74 Walker’s wit is still sharp as a tack. His timing and delivery haven’t aged and while he might struggle more with the stairs than he did 45 years ago, he still kept the audience laughing.

Sadly, Walker’s visit to Indy is at an end but check out anyway to see what mischief they’re up to next. Mad Hatter brings the state acts ranging from the latest internet phenom to comedy legends like JJ and even the incomparable Gilbert Gottfried who’ll be visiting the city in April.

You can see more photos from this show in our archives for Jimmy “J.J.” Walker and Hoss Ridgeway.

First Look: Love Bird at The Phoenix Theatre

Before the recent Snowpocalypse 2022 I had the marvelous pleasure of visiting Indy’s Phoenix Theatre for a preview of their latest production, “Love Bird” by K.T. Peterson. Get your tickets at

Greenwell’s portrayal of Nigel was a visual feast of human expression. During my time at the theatre I shot 1,300 frames and 800 of them were of Greenwell in a seemingly endless array of expressions from glee to glum.

Opposite Greenwell, Simmons is a no less rich visual experience as he plays the companion, the comic foil, the pica-plighted provocateur. Together they fill the stage masterfully as the only non-recyclable cast members.

You can see this touching and comedic show for yourself at The Phoenix February 3rd through the 20th! Until then, you can help yourself to our photo archives for the Phoenix Theatre to whet your appetite.