Sunday Spoilers: Of Mice and Men and Love Birds

Photographing a stage production is an unparalleled honor. Not only do you get to, obviously, see the production, but often you get behind-the-scenes access to see the work as it develops. Also, you often come away with some eye-popping spoilers that you would never dream of posting before the production is over. In today’s segment, we’ll talk about a few hidden spoilers from today’s ending productions.

One of the most enthralling visual aspects of MSP’s production of Mice and Men is the profound juxtaposition of the innocent Lennie with his environment and the people around him. His jubilance in the face of impending reality is painful to behold in the show’s culminating moments. He is the very picture of innocence despite being a source of unwitting death to those around him whether they be mouse, pup or Curley’s wife. The first shot from this pair is one that makes the work of shooting a show well worth the investment. Find the full archives for Of Mice and Men on our website.

When I approach an unknown production I always ask two questions: 1. Are there any pivotal moments I should be prepared for? and 2. Are there any spoilers that you don’t want me to give away? In the case of “Love Bird” this final kiss between the protagonists was just such a moment. After a show filled with such visual surprises and emotionality, it was a great final cap to the production. You may now safely peruse the full archives for Love Bird on our website.

Tomorrow we dive back into new productions at Mud Creek and Carmel Community Players. If there are any spoilers, you’ll hear about them here last! If you have any spoilers of your own that you’d like to have kept under wraps, we’d love to photo for your show next!

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