Palentines Day for The Wild Party at Footlite Musicals

Tonight rehearsals continued at Footlite Musicals for the scorching-hot production of Lippa’s Wild Party. The evening witnessed a few momentous events.

Our illustrious buildmaster Bruce uttered those words that every cast longs to hear tonight: “The set… is yours!” While visual and decorative elements remain to be worked out, the physical dimensions of the set are complete which means that blocking, dancing, all the physical movements can start to be practiced in show conditions. This is huge for a show with this much going on. Bruce spends hours on a single set and the applause he receives with this announcement is extremely well earned.

Tonight the cast worked on final blocking and details for act I. Once these actors get under production lighting, in costume and without the masks, it’s going to be incredibly difficult for your faithful photographer and documenter to know what to look at. This show is hot and all the photos so far are shot under the least sexy of light sources: fluorescent office lighting. They’re going to need to fireproof the stage for sure.

Last but not least, in honor of Valentines day, the cast and staff of The Wild Party celebrated ‘Palentines Day,’ their version of secret Santa in February. Theatre is a lot of work to be sure but it is also all about community. While laboring tirelessly to bring you amazing theatre, they also work hard to lift each other up and it’s on days like today that this is most evident.

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