First Look: Love Bird at The Phoenix Theatre

Before the recent Snowpocalypse 2022 I had the marvelous pleasure of visiting Indy’s Phoenix Theatre for a preview of their latest production, “Love Bird” by K.T. Peterson. Get your tickets at

Greenwell’s portrayal of Nigel was a visual feast of human expression. During my time at the theatre I shot 1,300 frames and 800 of them were of Greenwell in a seemingly endless array of expressions from glee to glum.

Opposite Greenwell, Simmons is a no less rich visual experience as he plays the companion, the comic foil, the pica-plighted provocateur. Together they fill the stage masterfully as the only non-recyclable cast members.

You can see this touching and comedic show for yourself at The Phoenix February 3rd through the 20th! Until then, you can help yourself to our photo archives for the Phoenix Theatre to whet your appetite.

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