Indy Theatre Photography Calendar and News for Jan 23rd-29th

The theatre world in Indy this week is simply so full of news!

Our friends at Footlite Musicals have announced their 2022-2023 season and the excitement and anticipation is absolutely palpable. I may, or may not, be walking around the house singing , “A Little Priest” and “Luck be a Lady”.

Look for more of this musical amazingness coming soon to your city.

Meanwhile, at Southbank Theatre Company they’re starting on the early phases of development of a new project written by Mary E. Karty. You’ll remember Southbank from previous gems as “Rabbit” and “Seneca and the Soul of Nero”

Southbank has been kind enough to invite me sit in on an early read-through of the new script they’re considering so we may, or may not, see this one on a stage near you soon.

On the north side of the city, production continues on “Of Mice and Men” at Westfield Playhouse. Last we saw them they were celebrating the holiday season but they’ve now moved on to “Wabbit Season” in this Steinbeck classic.

We’ll be stepping in for some rehearsal photos and to take staff headshots. You can see this production February 10th through the 20th!

Next up, we have the amazing pleasure to look in on what’s going on at Almost Famous as preparations and final rehearsals are underway for “Bootleg Broadway: Wicked, the Untold Drag Queen Story.”

I apologize if you were excited to see this one; it was sold out within a few hours of announcement! Keep your eyes peeled for the next show though!

Last but not least, the Actors Theatre of Indiana has been nice enough to allow me to see a rehearsal of their newest production, “The Big Bang – The Musical”

I’m beyond grateful for the chance to photo for a new company as well as a new venue. Production runs Jan 28th – Feb 20th and tickets are available!

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