‘Mr. Yunioshi’ by J. Elijah Cho at The District Theatre

Tonight I had the great pleasure to see final rehearsals for J. Elijah Cho’s one-man show, ‘Mr. Yunioshi’ at the incomparable District Theatre. Your chance to see it runs January 21st through the 23rd. Tickets are available!

Throughout a crisp, 56-minute performance, Cho becomes Mickey Rooney as the aging actor wrestles with a role that he should never have been offered. At the same time we see him coming to terms with his position in the Hollywood ecosystem as his once bright light dims amongst so many up and comers.

Cho’s material is thought-provoking and his performance is well-honed. One comes away with not only a deep sense of past folly on the part of the industry but also the squirming uncomfortable realization that there is still much work to be done. As Cho challenges us, “Name an Asian actor, and don’t say Jackie Chan.” Now, after you see this performance, you can say, J. Elijah Cho.

You have three chances to see ‘Mr. Yunioshi’ at The District Theatre’s cabaret room this weekend. More from this performance in our Mr. Yunioshi photo archives.

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