Indy Theatre and Stage Photography Calendar for Jan 16-22nd, 2022

Next week promises great variety on the stages of Indianapolis.

On Monday I’ll be taking a look at preparations for Crossroads Dance Indy’s latest production “The Stories We Tell.” This troupe always provides gripping and provocative visuals so I’m excited to see what treat they have for my camera this time. It’s not too early to grab tickets for this show January 28-30 in Lawrence.

Later in the week, “Mr. Yunioshi” will be presented at The District Theatre. Description gratuitously stolen from the District’s website (where you can also get tickets!):

Mickey Rooney’s infamous performance as Mr. Yunioshi in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is often pointed to as the most egregious example of yellowface in the movies. His over the top characterization is cringeworthy to watch to this day, but it also raises several questions: Should actors really have the opportunity to play any role? Could there ever have been a “right” way for him to play it? And what compels an actor to play a character that they really probably shouldn’t be playing?

Asian-American writer/performer J. Elijah Cho attempts to explore these topics and more in his show, Mr. Yunioshi. (Best Solo Show, 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival).

Last but not least, now that Putnam County has hit the Footlite stage to the delight of audiences, I’ll start looking in on their in-progress production of “The Wild Party.” Reports have it that work is progressing at an intense pace not seen since the pandemic! If the quality of the auditions is any indications, this one is going to be incredible! Tickets are available now for the party and for the Bee on!

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