Archives for Putnam County and Admissions now available

Almost 450 photos from Footlite Musical’s production of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” are now available in my archives along with over 350 photos from American Lives Theatre’s “Admission”.

Now that we have the obligatory links out of the way, let’s explore the question of what this means and why you might care.

Photography Philosophy

When I shoot a show (which I’d totally love to do for you if you’ll just contact me to get on my calendar) I produce two sets of images. The first is the “promo reel” that represents visual points of particular awesomeness (V-POPpA). This represents the ‘soul’ of the show, things that stuck out to me when I flipped through your photos minutes after I got home from shooting. While the promos are the soul, however, the archives are the body. They’re intended to show every individual nuance of a performance. Each scene, each set piece, each actor will (hopefully) have representation in the archives.

My hope is that the archives, presented in show order on the website, are a mini flip-book of what you’ve worked so hard to craft. Every photo that has a story to tell is saved for the archives because once this show is done and over… it vanishes into the vicissitudes of history and memory. It’s my goal to give that ephemeral work in all its intricate facets a permanent record.

The promo reel I curate to my own tastes because it is the joyful dish that I set before myself. It is the result that makes me happy and pays me for driving to your show and spending time standing up with a camera in my hand. The archives, I provide as an offering at the altar of the creators of theatre in the city. Ultimately, the story of the show is not mine to tell. It is my hope that somewhere in the archives reside the photos that the director would have taken if they spent the entire production with professional photographic equipment strapped to their faces.

Terms of Use

Because there are hundreds of archive photos, the level of detailed processing is much lower. You’re encouraged to crop, filter, adjust or otherwise manipulate any of these photos before you use them to fit your needs. Please credit @IndyGhostLight so that perhaps by repeated exposure it will require slightly less obsequiousness to beg my way into the next show.

Lastly, the archives are protected from download by a password. Anyone involved with the production is welcome to the password but it is in place to keep random internet interlopers from downloading photos of you or your production without anyone’s knowledge. If someone downloads and uses a photo without our permission, they’re not only stealing my work but also yours, since you put the production together. So I do try to keep somewhat of a control on that.

It is my pleasure to serve the Indiana theatre community. If I can be of any service to you, no matter how minor, I would love to provide it to you. Now go grab some tickets and support your local theatres!

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