Putnam County Enters Final Rehearsals as Wild Party Kicks Off

One thing I find fascinating about the theatre is the ebb and flow of it. Sets go up, sets come down. Each show ripens like a delicious fruit over a course of months. It has its time in the sun for the briefest of times (especially when compared to the prep time) and then cycles back to be used again. Props from one show become props for the next. Actors move from show to show. It’s a miraculous and very natural process.

Tonight at Footlite Musicals, two shows bumped as The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee occupied the stage doing final rehearsals in preparation for an opening on the 14th (Tickets still available!) …

… while the cast of Lippa’s Wild Party met each other for the first time.

Over the next several months, this cast will create something amazing. Then the cycle will begin all over again. And lucky me, I have the privilege of watching it all happen. I’ll bring you all the progress as it develops and you can get your own tickets to see it at footlite.org.

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